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Sintimex Online Shopping COMING SOON

Soon you will be able to purchase all the products you need from Sintimex's website without leaving your home. It is just a simple click!

This way, you can enjoy this advantages:

Save money:
Exclusive promotions and offers for our registered online clients.

Save time:
Avoid unnecessary trips and enjoy the comfort of receiving your order in your office or home. "From 9am-1pm to 3pm-6pm" no longer makes any sense; online shopping allows you to purchase at any time, any day and anywhere. There are no limits. The final consumer buys what (s)he wants, when (s)he wants and where (s)he wants, in a quick and efficient way.

Visit our online shop with all the tranquility and time you need to find the item you are searching for, in the comfort of your office.

Safe payment:
We offer several ways of payment so you can find the one that you most like, with the guaranty that all payments by credit card or debt card are efectuated with total security and protection of your card data.

Working to serve you better,
Sintimex Team



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